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Senator Robey – Honorable Mention

Posted by David Keelan on Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Senator Jim Robey got an honorable mention on the “O’Malley Watch” blog.

Apparantly when it comes to citizen input on the massive tax increases making their way through the special session of the General Assembly our:

“…opinions are worthless.”

Par for the course if you ask me.

The full excerpt here:

You can tell that the e-mails and phone calls are having some effect.  According to reports on the Ed Norris Radio Show, the Senator representing Columbia, James Robey (he might live there now too) has staffers that are telling callers and e-mailers that their opinions are worthless. Well, Robey did vote for every tax increase, but let it put a smile on your face to know that you’re hard work is at least pissing them off.  Keep it up.  James Robey: (410) 841-3572 (office number)


4 Responses to “Senator Robey – Honorable Mention”

  1. Watching and waiting ... said

    Senator Robey has been taking Howard County money for decades. I guess while he was on the police force we got something in return for our money.

    He is getting more liberal by the year and now has joined the robber barons in Annapolis to reach ever further into our pockets.

    I have written to him several times in recent weeks and he has failed to respond. Given his attitude it is not surprising that his staffers are responding to inquiries that our opinions are worthless. Ed Kasemeyer at least took the time to respond to e-mail … Robey apparently just does not care.

    I can’t wait for the next election because whoever opposes him becomes my candidate and gets my support.

  2. confused said

    I have emailed robey (supposed to be my sen) twice and got no response either. He is voting in committee FOR these proposals without even knowing if they are needed. No one has looked at reducing spending. How do they know that won’t work. What, no “fat” in local government to cut?

    This, coupled with his comments, lead me to believe he doesn’t care about his constituents. I will definitely remember this when I go poke the screen in the next election.

  3. observer said

    Rumor had it when Robey decided to run for this seat that he wasn’t really interested in it. The party talked him into it because of his high profile, they knew he had a good chance of knocking off Schrader. Now that he’s in I wouldn’t expect him to do more than rubber stamp everything that comes down the legislative pipe. If he doesn’t win his seat back, that’s probably fine with him. He’ll just retire. We’ll see if his actions continue to support this idea as time goes buy.

  4. Watching and waiting ... said

    I’m going to see if I can help Robey retire early come election time. Warren Miller, Gail Bates, and Alan Kittleman were the only HOCO representatives to respond to e-mails and vote the right way.

    Ed Kasemeyer sent a response indicating one position but then voted for new taxes … Liar!

    Bobo, Pendergrass, Guzzone, and Turner performed like trained monkeys and voted the way they were instructed by the Miller-Busch machine. My new favorite politicians will be their opponents in the next election.

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