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Posted by David Keelan on Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One of our readers sent a letter the editor regarding recent tax hikes.  The Baltimore Sun published it.  Thanks for sharing Tom.

Cuts should come before tax increases

Our state government is working in reverse: After approving a package of tax increases, the House of Delegates has belatedly chosen to look backward at budgetary cuts (“House passes tax increases, now to look at budget cuts,” Nov. 12).

As such, the foundation and purpose of these tax increases has yet to be laid. The more efficient, and less disingenuous, procedure would be to first look to what cuts may be made, and by doing so prove to all Marylanders that these tax increases are justified and necessary.

It is not for the legislators to first collect all the tax dollars, only to later voluntarily trim the excesses of a wish list. Rather, it is on the will of the people to decide that this increase in taxation is worthy of their endorsement in favor of worthwhile government spending.

Otherwise, the House is breaking the people’s piggy bank before checking its own pockets for change.


2 Responses to “Reader / Writer”

  1. Walter said

    I am shocked you have not said a single word on this blog about Merdon’s appointment to the Revenue Authority. Was that frowned upon by the GOP?

  2. No one has commented to me either positively or negatively about Merdon’s appointment to the revenue authority. I take it as a non-issue. The general feeling is that it is consistent with Merdon’s history of service to the community and desire to continue to do so. I am not writing about any of Chris’ other volunteer efforts either such as using his experience and contacts to raise money for charity. Given he and Ken have worked together for 4 years it doesn’t seem to be unusual for Ken to think that Chris could make a contribution. Also, we need to keep in mind that Merdon is retired from politics.

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