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Posted by David Keelan on Friday, December 28, 2007

Ulman stays with ‘green’ plans despite budget worries 

In remarks about the County Enviroment Office:

Originally, a residents commission recommended that the environmental office have up to seven workers. But now, if approved, the office will have one – Joshua Feldmark, who is now director of a 13-member environmental citizens advisory board.   Ulman, Feldmark and Jim Caldwell, the former director of Montgomery County’s environmental agency, said Feldmark can still move the green agenda forward alone, working with existing county employees in various agencies.

That is what should have been proposed in the first place.  Creating a new office is wasteful.  Give Feldmark the authority he needs, support him, and make sure his peers understand his position and authority.

Ken Ulman doesn’t need 13 people to coordinate enviromental policy in the County.  Additionally, Ken Ulman said:

If he could afford one more position, Ulman said, it would be for someone to help get the public involved in learning about environmental issues.

Come on!  Don’t we have a communications office for Howard County that could accomplish that task?  What does he mean by “if HE could afford”.  I hope that is not a direct quote.  He can’t afford anything because it is NOT HIS money.

Hybrid vehicles.  Do they reduce operational expenses enough to offset the increased capital expenses?


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