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Posted by David Keelan on Friday, December 28, 2007

I found this link on the Drudge Report.

Can you believe this?  This guy looks at a map that shows the (supposed) destruction that would be brought upon the US if the Al Gore version of global warming were to occur.

What does he write about?  The tragedy?  No, he writes “Oh goody.  All the conservative Red States get wiped out!”.  Well Blue America they will have no place to go except to Blue States so make sure you keep your hand on the keys to the kingdom because we want to make sure they have not power left.  How pathetic must one be to not only think that way but write it down and publish it?

This guy has no idea what the US Constitution is.  He will pervert the Constitution to make the case to impeach George Bush.   Then he will pervert the Constitution to )#&# with people who he doesn’t agree with.  He has no respect for his fellow man.  I think he would give voting rights to an illegal immigrant but only if they voted the way he wanted them to vote.

He puts all of this in the context of “Global Warming”, which we all know is simply going to wipe out 1/2 the United States if not the world.  I may be wrong about “Global Warming” and perhaps Hayduke may convince me over a beer.  However, when I read what nuts like this have to say the whole concept just looses all credibility.


6 Responses to “Outrageous”

  1. Not to point out the obvious, but if all the red state voters move into blue states, wouldn’t it eventually make these blue states red?

    And they always tell me on my site that “Global Warming” shouldn’t be a partisan issue….

  2. General Zod said

    Red and blue make purple.

  3. pzguru said

    It’s disturbing when “experts” only give half of the story. If certain regions that are current agircultural centers would dry up and become useless, certainly it would stand to reason that certain regions that are current frozen and/or unsuitable for agricultural use would become suitable, and therefore offset the loss of the other areas. I know I only went to U of M, but come on, am I the only person who sees the obvious omissions from the global warming hot heads?

    Here’s something else that I’ve been thinking about. If ice is more voluminous than plain water (think of how frozen water causes burst pipes), then when the ice melts wouldn’t the water levels GO DOWN? Now I know you have also factor in ice that is current in land, but (1) most of the polar ice caps are not on land, and (2) ice that is on land would melt and for the most part be absorbed into the surrounding land.

    Am I missing something? Where’s a good, unbiased and knowledgeable geologist when you need one?

  4. cynthia vaillancourt said

    Making decisions based on what one hears (or reads) from sources such as the Drudge report, or Ann Coulter or the Rush Limbaughs of the world would make as much sense as taking Steven Colbert literally or seeking guidance from any other character in any other performance piece. These people are not great thinkers, researches or philosophers —- they are performers peddling a schtick.

    The only legitimate contribution they make is to take an idea to its absurd conclusion and stimulate debate …. though any ensuing debate is only worthwhile if it ignores the hyperbole of the performers and instead raises the level of debate with actual thoughtfulness and some modicum of respectful discourse.

    Choosing to disregard whole subjects based on the credibility of one messenger would be as one dimensional as some of these messengers. Individuals owe it to THEMSELVES to think for themselves – no matter who brings up the subject.

    cindy v

  5. Cindy,

    Drudge only linked to the article which is also posted in full on the author’s own web site.

    Drudge rarely provides commentary and he didn’t discuss this author’s article. He posted a link to the article for others to read. I did and found it to be outrageous.

    As far as any commenter (Limbaugh or Franken) I take it as pure entertainment.

  6. cynthia vaillancourt said

    “As far as any commenter (Limbaugh or Franken) I take it as pure entertainment.”

    Sadly there are an awful lot of folks who don’t make that distinction. I don’t blame the entertainers for that. My fondest wish is that everyone would think through what they hear before they repeat it or act on it – even when it is from supposedly “reliable sources” or even worse – “official sources”.

    There does not have to be ill intent for information to be wrong, skewed, premature, or suspect.

    With the (real) campaign season season approaching I hope everyone will ask him or herself one question over and over “does that make sense to ME?”.

    Cindy V

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