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Howard County Crime

Posted by David Keelan on Saturday, December 29, 2007

What was crime like in Howard County for 2007 compared to previous years?  It is can be hard to tell because we really do not know how statistics are reported.  For example, in Baltimore City if a crime victim is shot and taken to the hospital and dies their a couple of days later then that particular crime is not reported as a murder.  The accused will be charged with murder later but that kind of reporting really skews the statistics.  So I am told!  Fortunately, Howard County seems to be much more straight forward.

My point being I don’t know what Howard County’s policy is for reporting crime statistics except to say that they use the FBI Uniform Crime Reporting Program.  Even then I don’t know what the requirements are of the UCR.

FBI cautions agencies to report offenses not according to local or state statutes but according to those guidelines provided in the handbook. Most agencies make a good faith effort to comply with established guidelines.

I guess it is an honor system.  By all appearances the Howard County Police Department makes every effort to abide by the UCR.

With that said, the Howard County Police Department also makes crime statistics available on their web site.  It is worth reviewing.  They publish an annual report on budget, personnel, and crime statistics.  Additionally, they have an interactive crime map.  It is a very good service to the citizens of Howard County.

The interactive crime map allows a user to enter an address and get up to date crime information.  It will present a table of statistics compiled from the most recent year, then it allows you the option to see the table displayed graphically in a map.

This is great for community associations, people who want to move to a neighborhood or sell a home, community activists, etc.

Check it out.


2 Responses to “Howard County Crime”

  1. good article. I have been trying to get consistent comparitive stats and those are hard to come by.

  2. Check us out on Facebook – Savage Neighborhood Watch Team

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