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Downtown Columbia “re-vision” released.

Posted by Ed C on Sunday, December 30, 2007

As reported in the Baltimore Sun (A downtown re-vision), the revised document that will guide Columbia downtow development has been release. The document (pdf) can be downloaded here . Other information can be found at the HoCo Dept of Planning and Zoning Downtown web page here.

I have just had time to briefly scanned through the document, but this passage on page 2 caught my eye:

Residents desire a vibrant, active downtown full of a diverse mix of uses, expanded transportation options, amenities and attractions, as well as with areas for quiet reflection and appreciation for nature. They also seek a city center that embodies the values and principles that have guided the first 40 years of this community…

It is hard to disagree with the sentiment, but I doubt that when each person reads this statement, what they envision is the same thing. As usual, the devil will be in the details, and if the initial reaction is a guide we will need to wait for GGP to release their master plan modifications proposal next month before those details will be available for public comment.


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