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Kill GTV – (Stop Spam?)

Posted by Ed C on Saturday, January 12, 2008

There is a story out there that the county is going to stop funding the Howard County Government TV to save money.  Starting in July 1, 2008 the channel is planned to be merged with Howard County Community College.

How do I know this?  Well, at the BlogTail Happy hour sponsored by Jessie Newburn at (Hometown Columbia), one of the bloggers asked if anyone else had received an email with this little fact.  Although I had not seen it at he time, it turns out that I had received one sent at 3:41 PM with a not so clever yahoo email address.  This same enterprising Verizon customer then proceeded to add a comments last night on multiple threads on this blog (most have since been marked as spam and removed.)

The story from the Baltimore Sun –  8 to lose jobs as Howard TV studio closes states that this will save $500,000 a year.

Is this post rewarding bad behavior?  After first hearing about this and then seeing the article in the Sun, I would have probably chosen to write about it anyway.  With the thread spamming – well that almost made me decide to not post this so as not to reward bad behavior.

Saving $500,000 is a good thing.  Will the loss of H-GTV be the end of government transparency?   I am a political junkie and regularly listen to CSPAN radio in my car when talk radio switches to sports or other programming.  My IPod/ITunes are filled with Rush Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, the Northern Alliance, Captain Ed and blog talk radio clips.  And I’ve watched H-GTV maybe once.  And that was only when I wanted to re-watch a candidates forum last election cycle that I had already attended!

I am afraid that H-GTV is one of those things that sound better in theory than in practice.   (In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice;  In practice, there is – Chuck Reid)  With the internet, I’d rather see transcripts posted in a timely manner than trying to figure out when a particular segment would air and then watch it.

The county is going to merge the channel with HCCC, so why not sponsor a TV/Reporting curriculum where students can get practical experience and course credit for recording and producing county hearings and events?  The infrastructure is already in place and it should dramatically reduce costs to Howard County residents while still providing a visual recording of the events.  Posting these events in YouTube fashion would enable residents to watch events on demand.  Reduced cost, increased access and practical experience for students – the only down side is that a spammer may need to find a new job.  Just a thought.


6 Responses to “Kill GTV – (Stop Spam?)”

  1. Jessie N said

    Thanks for the shout-out, Ed C., and nice to have met you face-to-face the other evening. Now, from the same “enterprising Verizon customer” I just got the exact same comment on four different posts. How juvenile and disrespectful of what blogs are. My blog is my blog. It is what it is because of a combination of me plus my readers who comment. It is not a dumping ground for someone to deposit their perspective, irrespective of the blog post where they add their irrelevant comments.

    Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete.

  2. Hi, folks. First up, I am the station engineer for GTV — the guy who keeps it all working. I’m also a director, studio camera operator, videographer and editor, as required. Everyone at GTV wears multiple hats.

    Unfortunately, GTV is not required to exist, strictly speaking. The cable providers are required to provide a channel, should the local municipality desire it.

    And, strictly speaking, GTV is not being merged with HCC TV. Instead, GTV is being shut down. HCC will be picking up certain programming, specifically, the live telecast of some Howard County Council hearings and legislative sessions.

    The staff of GTV were caught completely by surprise by this move.

    There will be more to the story posted on my blog. Just use google to search for me by name, or click on my name above.

  3. Geren Mortensen! Now, that’s a name I know from Thunder Hill Elementary School, Oakland Mills MS and OMHS! How clearly different a person you are, particularly here and online, from Mr./Ms. Save GTV who spammed all over some of the local blogs.

    I look forward to reading some of your blog posts. And sorry to hear about your job and the organization for which you’ve been working. ~ Jessie

  4. […] Howard County’s Government TV was addressed by Ed C, of Hoco Md Blog, and Geren Mortensen, who is the station manager at […]

  5. We are a contractor on the Emmitsburg, MD campus of the US Fire Administration. Operating a TV studio – we are interviewing for a Studio Engineer. This maybe an opportunity to place someone impacted by budget adjustments.

    Minority Veteran owned 8(a) certified Federal Contractor seeking degreed individual with TV studio engineering experience. Maintain servers, web network, satellite transmitter, studio TV and audio systems with working knowledge of video conferencing connectivity. Full time position in Frederick County, MD area Resumes to: AIMM, INC. 20423 State Road 7, Ste. 458 – Boca Raton, Florida 33498 Email:

  6. Bryan said

    Whether you liked GTV or not, the truth is after almost a year, no such student program has been set up. And, the Horizon Foundation keeps changing the start date for it’s show to return. It hasn’t been on the air since last July. Good luck getting anything local on the air now!

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