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John McCain

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, January 14, 2008

Dave Wissing has pointed out that John McCain is surging in the polls in some of the most important upcoming primary states.  The New York Times is writing about it too; McCain Rises in Fluid G.O.P.  The NYT did a poll but they don’t really tell us why they think McCain is surging.

I haven’t settled on anyone as I write this and I admit I had written of McCain like most everyone else.  Then Bhutto was assasinated.  It was scary.  Such a volitale situation every where you turn.  As soon as I heard about Bhutto my mind wandered over to John McCain – I had to take a fresh look. 

I came to the conclusion that this is a crazy place we live in.  We need an experienced leader.  Everyone else can talk about “change” all they want but in this environment I want experience.  I want a secure future for my children. 

Forget about global warming, health insurance, high taxes, low taxes, deficits, immigration (legal and illegal), and imbalances – just for a moment set those aside.  They are important – just set them aside for a moment.

What is the number one constitutional responsibility of the Federal Government?  Provide for the national defense.  Even then as much as I respect the US Constitution lets set that aside for a moment too.

Who in the field today has a better chance to manage the chaos in the world on day one than anyone else.  McCain.  That has to be the President’s first priority because everything else won’t matter if the President doesn’t get that right first.

Bill Richardson, I still think he was the most experienced in the Democratic field.  Some felt he was really running for Vice President.  I would have voted for him for President (he dropped out of course!) and hope that Congress would balance him out domestically.  I won’t vote for Clinton.  I will take a harder look at Obama – but then we have the experience factor to consider – I am afraid he wants to be the Kumbaya President. 

I like Romney, Rudy and Fred.  But right now I guess I would have to say what I didn’t think I would say (I hope my father doesn’t read this) I think I am a McCain man.


2 Responses to “John McCain”

  1. Oogie Pringle said

    You can’t divorce illegal immigration from national defense. Protecting your borders is an important part of that. Even more when we are in a asymmetric war. McCain needs to change his stance on illegal immigration before I would consider him.

  2. I have a few concerns about McCain that I would need to resolve before I could vote for him:

    1. He voted for the Military Commisions Act of 2006. Many have made what I think are reasonable arguments that this bill suspends Habeas Corpus and may even legalize some forms of torture. I have trouble reconciling this vote with McCain’s very strong public stance against torture. It seems to me that either those who claim that the bill legalizes torture must be incorrect, or McCain didn’t read the bill, or McCain is engaging in some amount of double-talk.

    2. He appears committed to maintain US military bases around the world into the forseeable future. I do not believe that this is sound foreign policy, not least because of the hatred for the US this practice has engendered in the arab world.

    I also do not believe that this is sound fiscal policy. Our government is already borrowing heavily to finance our foreign military involvement (among countless other things), and I don’t see any reason to expect that our creditors (mostly in Asia) will continue to loan us money indefinitely. When they stop, and we actually have to raise taxes to cover our expenses, it will be a bad day to be an American taxpayer. I don’t think we can ignore the economic reality that if our government bankrupts itself, it won’t be able to protect us. One of the worst things we can do for our national security is to bankrupt ourselves.

    Finally, I don’t think this benefits our national security. I don’t think it makes Americans safer to have our boys out policing the world. I think we’d be safer if they were here at home. To put it another way, I’d much rather be percieved as a far-off nation with a devastatingly powerful military than as a global bully (even one with good intentions).

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