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There’s Something Happening Here…

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, January 14, 2008

What it is ain’t exactly clear…

Maybe it is.  According to the Baltimore Sun “O’Malley’s approval rating plummets“.  Really?  “…only 35 percent of voters approve of the way he’s handled his job.”  The silver lining is that 48% of voters like him.  Well, of course that is important – isn’t it. 

O’Malley may be what he is but he isn’t stupid.  He raised taxes now so we would forget about it by 2010.  However;

O’Malley – and any legislator who voted for the package – will have their work cut out for them in the next two and a half years if they want to reverse such abysmal numbers, said Raabe, the pollster.

One must wonder what message is in here for the County Executive’s considering the same course of action.  O’Malley hadn’t finished his first term and he raised $1.3B in taxes.  Robey jacked up Howard County taxes by 30% the first year of his second term.  Raising taxes in the second year of a first term won’t be easily forgotten by voters who are now expressing tax fatigue in “The FEE State”.

But turning the tide won’t be easy, especially among many of the “working families” O’Malley has most aggressively courted. Among those with who do not have a college degree, O’Malley’s approval ratings dip into the 20s.

They sound very angry and they should be.


2 Responses to “There’s Something Happening Here…”

  1. General Zod said

    It will be interesting to see if local politicians are eager to have their pictures taken with O’Malley and the Lt. Governor. Only a few months ago Ulman was eating up the air time with O’Malley when the governor was trying to promote his tax plan. With that being said I don’t think the electorate should only focus on the people who actually voted for the tax hikes.

  2. blame glendening's secretary of cabinet said

    Glendening got us into this mess. He was the worst governor.

    You have to blame him and his administration. Ulman was his Secretary of the Cabinet – he should share the blame.

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