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MD Primiary Election – Where to vote and where to get a sample ballot?

Posted by Ed C on Saturday, February 9, 2008

Do you know which district / precinct you live in? You can find your voter information from UMBC National Center for the Study of Elections that will confirm your registration as well as provide a sample ballot.

You can also use the Howard County Interactive Map that will provide congressional district, MD legislative district and local precinct and much more. Do you live in a 100 year flood plain? Do you know your Crime Statistic Area?

Not sure who is running? The League of Women Voters has published their Primary Election 2008 Voters Guide (pdf) (via Columbia Flier)

Thinking that there is no reason to vote on Tuesday, Feb 12th? Well, if you’re a Democrat there is that Obama / Clinton race, but what about the Republicans?  In addition to the Presidential Race, there is the Howard County Board of Elections races where seven candidates are running for three slots. You can read additional information on the candidates in the Howard County Times.

I plan to vote for the following reasons:

  • I consider voting a sacred privilege – It would be a dishonor to all of those that sacrificed so much not to take a few minutes to show my gratitude.
  • I want to demonstrate that I am an active voter – I want state and local officials to know that I vote. As they contemplate legislation I want them to realize that I care. By voting in this primary I am sending a clear message that I will vote in other elections. Even if I don’t fill in a bubble or pull a lever for every race, just the fact that I showed up sends a message.
  • The Howard County Board of Education races do matter and I plan to vote for the candidates that will raise critical questions and challenge the school system to improve operations and maintain the excellence of the Howard County school system. There are some interesting candidates that deserve some support.

Hope to see you Tuesday!


5 Responses to “MD Primiary Election – Where to vote and where to get a sample ballot?”

  1. The UMBC service is a great service; I used it myself recently to double-check my registration status and polling place location now that we’ve moved. I got to it from the Maryland State Board of Elections site (where it’s prominently linked to from the home page) and didn’t realize it was run by UMBC. UMBC is to be commended for setting up this site.

  2. Kem White said

    I’ll be there for all the reasons you cite and to keep my record intact: since 1974 I’ve never not voted.

  3. Nicholas Hozik Jr said

    Where can I go to vote early. I live in West Friendship Maryland

  4. General Zod said

    I think you need to go to the Board of Elections and request and absentee ballot. Currently that is the only way to vote early in MD.

    Someone correct me if I am wrong.

    This is from the Board of Elections site:

    “Beginning October 29, 2008 through 8:00 p.m. on election day, November 4, a registered voter or the voter’s duly authorized agent may apply for an absentee ballot in person at the Howard County Board of Elections.”

  5. ddr7009ree said


    […]MD Primiary Election – Where to vote and where to get a sample ballot? « Howard County Maryland Blog[…]…

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