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Stop It – You’re Killing Me

Posted by Jim Walsh on Monday, March 31, 2008

Oh those Maryland Democrats, they make me laugh harder than Jim Carey, Robin Williams and Leslie Nielsen combined.

A couple of weeks ago, while trying to justify large raises for top bureaucrats, Gov. O’Malley compared Maryland state government to a large publicly-traded corporation that needed expertise in a variety of fields.  The publicly-traded corporation most comparable to Maryland would have to be Enron.  Then last week – stop me if you’ve heard this one – MOM announced that the settlement hammered out with BGE was the best that could be obtained because the costs of energy were going up and the state was powerless (no pun intended) to stop it.  I could just hear his smirk over the radio as he recalled what he said during the 2006 campaign.

And yesterday I’m reading a pompous article in the Baltimore Sun & Fish-Wrapper about the effectiveness of the liquor lobby and about how evil those people are:  “‘It’s enormously frustrating,’ Del. William A. Bronrott, a Montgomery County Democrat who supports raising alcohol taxes, said of the industry’s power. ‘We’re talking pure greed versus the public interest.'”  Is this guy as funny as he intends to be? Isn’t it pure greed on the state’s part to grab as much revenue as it can from whatever source doesn’t squawk loud enough (e.g., the IT industry)? I guess letting people keep some of their own money isn’t really in the public interest.  As long as the state gets the money he doesn’t see the irony of his statement.  It really must be fun to live in your own fantasy world where the normal rules of economics don’t apply, and the MSM nods in agreement.


2 Responses to “Stop It – You’re Killing Me”

  1. Yep Jim, the arrogance of government. Relative to PZ article and this one – people in government have a reputation of thinking the law is optional and our money is their money. Not all people in government of course.

    Why does Del. Bronrott think the industry has so much power? To protect themselves from people like him of course. I wish I had a lobby sometimes.

  2. Bud Fox said

    I don’t think Enron and the Maryland State government are the same. The Enron people were very focused on making a profit and running a successful company. Enron’s problems started and ended with management. They were crooks.

    The don’t think the elected management of Maryland (O’Malley, Bush and etc.) are crooks, but clowns. I also think 10% of the state employees could be cut and no one would notice.

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