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Why Jefferson-Jackson?

Posted by Ed C on Sunday, June 15, 2008

Throughout the county, local Republican and Democratic parties hold annual fund raisers / dinners. The Republican events are usually called Lincoln Day (or lately Lincoln-Regan.) For the Democrats, it is usually the Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner. I can understand the nod to Thomas Jefferson, but why Andrew Jackson?

Maybe this entry from Wikipedia on Campaign Finance Reform provides the answer:

In order to gain votes from recently enfranchised, unpropertied voters, Andrew Jackson launched his campaign for the 1828 election through a network of partisan newspapers across the nation. After his election, Jackson began a political patronage system that rewarded political party operatives, which had a profound effect on future elections. Eventually, appointees were expected to contribute portions of their pay back to the political machine.

Does union dues count as a required contribution to the political machine? It appears that the patronage system, partisan newspapers and the political kickbacks started by Andrew Jackson are alive and still celebrated by today’s Democratic party.


5 Responses to “Why Jefferson-Jackson?”

  1. Freemarket said

    For that matter, why Lincoln? Lincoln was certainly a great man. And true, Lincoln was the first “Republican” president. However, Lincoln was president nearly 150 years ago. The Republican Party of Lincoln’s time bears little resemblance to the Republican Party of today. In fact, many of the early Republicans were Democrats who left the D party over the slavery issue. I have to wonder what Lincoln, who wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, would think about the socially conservative stances that the modern day Republican Party takes. Instead of joining them, he would probably beat them all upside the head.

    Both major political parties are a joke.

  2. jim adams said

    Ed C, All the Presidents are subject to criticism, even if it isn’t in
    wikipedia. Jackson during his life time, and by some even today, to be
    considered as great a man and President as G. Washington. Reading sources
    other than Wikipedia will offer proof.

    I differ in opinion from Freemarket, I laugh with the Democrats, and often at the Republicans.

  3. Freemarket,

    All one need to do is study the Linclon-Douglas debates to know that Lincoln we be very comfortable with the Republican party today. Perhaps not closely aligned with its leaders but definately the rank and file.

  4. Freemarket said

    David- how is MBA school going?

  5. FM,

    Good. On summer break. Only 1.5 years to go.

    Now I am thinking about writing something for the blog.

    What is new in your neck of the woods.

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