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Columbia Rocky Run closes.

Posted by Ed C on Monday, August 11, 2008

Well, Columbia has lost another resturant today when Rocky Run at Dobbin Road closed thier doors for business.   Although I had not been there in a while, I’m sorry to here that they are closing.

For more information and a post that I wish I had written, see this post at Columbia Compass.


26 Responses to “Columbia Rocky Run closes.”

  1. This is a little sad for me since it’s where we held the second-Tuesday-of-the-month “Social Hour” event for the Maryland Outdoor Club ( from 2003-04. We later moved locations (and still have them) at Red Robin in Columbia. Good times. Good memories.

  2. Dave said

    I remember that place before Rocky Run came in when it used to be a Shoney’s or Bob’s Big Boy (I forget which one)….

    A shame, first Lone Star Steakhouse and now Rocky Run….

  3. Brenda Anna said

    What the heck happened? I took my son there tonight, eagerly anticipating “kids eat free” night; and there was a sign saying they were closed as of yesterday, and telling employees where they could pick up their last paychecks.

    Was this a sudden thing? Are financial troubles to blame? Are Rocky Run’s other pubs going to close too? We want Crabby Patties! 😦

  4. Meg said

    the original one closed last year in Charles village by Hopkins… failing!

    • steve said

      The original one is Marley Station. Then the Columbia restaurant.
      Then Baltimore(That one never really made money) Mike,The owner went to Hopkins and built it as an ego thing. There was one in Virginia briefly. But it was in a high scale area. I worked for the company When it was just Marley.

      • Jeff M. said


        I am giving away, FREE , all of the Rocky Run personal mugs that hung in the rafters for the regulars. This Tuesday, from 6-8 PM, at the Rocky Run Columbia location, they will be available.
        Can you notify any of the regulars and others of the giveaway? This is a one time shot; opportunity work knock again.

        Thanks for any ” word of mouth “.

  5. Gina said

    What? I was just there this past Sunday afternoon for lunch! I love their patio and tiki bar. I’ll miss the crab pretzel!

    • Jeff M. said

      This Tuesday from 6-8 PM you can come by the Rocky Run restaurant in Columbia and pick up your personal beer mug with your name on it if you had one. Please notify any of the other regulars who might have had a personal mug and they can get theirs too.

      The hanging signs are all for sale, (cheap) if anyone is interested in having a piece of nostalgia.

      If interested, please email me.

  6. ash said

    I was there about 5 years ago with a large group and their was a roach in someone’s nachos… but that was 5 years ago. I’m curious to know why they closed! I forgave the roach and continued to enjoy their food in the following years. I’ll miss rocky run. I wonder what horrible things they will do with the building. (Remember plata grande? Man…)

    • Jeff M. said

      Come on by this Tuesday evening from 6-8 PM and pick up your Rocky Run personal mug with your name taped to the bottom.

      Also, all the hanging signs are for sale (cheap) so get your piece of nostalgia.

  7. I loved la plata grande….

  8. MikeM said

    Well, there goes another one. I’ve lost track of the number of eateries that have been in that building in the last 24 years. The first one I remember was a Red Robin.

  9. Jeff Parker (Slappy) said

    Slappy is deeply saddened at the sudden closing of Rocky Run. 😦 I feel like a refugee, currently wandering around Columbia in search of a new “second home”. While all of the other places have there ups and downs, I’m discoving how truly unique Rocky Run was and unfortunately that none of them will ever be able to replicate the magic that was “Rockyrific”… I miss the other regulars who I probably saw way too much of, but then again, you were always there too! haha…
    Lastly, I’d like to thank all of the employees (both current and past) and specifically the “bartenders” as it was always a pleasure to be served there. I not only consider each of you to be among the best, I also consider you my “friends”. Best of luck to each of you, and I’ll look forward to finding you somewhere new.
    (Henri, I’ll be by!)

    • Jeff M. said

      Please stop by this Tuesday, from 6-8 PM and pick up your Rocky Run personal mug and tell any of the other regulars that they too can pick up their personal mug, FREE.

      All the hanging signs are for sale (cheap) and anything else of interest or sentimental value.

      Tuesday night is the only chance anyone will have.

  10. Tina said

    Good Grief! Where is Rocky Run! We went there for Back To School dinner with our kids and all we got was a sign on the door! I can’t believe it. While we were there two other cars pulled up and got out to go eat and found that it was closed. I am so disappointed! Where in the world will I find a crab pretzel now???

  11. Aimee said

    I too went to Rocky Run to eat only to find a sign on the door saying they were closed. What happened? There were always people there? I loved their menu, their atmosphere, and their beer. I am very disappointed to see one of the great restaurants in Columbia close up. Guess I will go find myself some chain restaurant. 😦

    • Jeff M. said

      This Tuesday night from 6-8 PM regulars can come by and pick up their personal Rocky Run Beer Mug, FREE. It is the opportunity that only knocks once!!

      If anything was a favorite of yours or other regular customers and is still in the restaurant, lets make a deal!

  12. Mel said

    I can’t believe I’ll never have their chicken quesadillas again. I started ordering them 12 years ago, and was never able to stop. My father once calculated that I ate more than 1500 quesadillas in 12 years. CRAZY, especially since I didn’t even live in Maryland for the last 6 of those years. I’m heart broken.

    Rocky Run — Rest In Pieces

  13. Rob said

    It was an awesome restaurant and I’m really sad to see it go. Anyone know why it closed? Are other locations open?

  14. Jeff M. said

    Although it has been a year since the Rocky Run restaurant in Columbia has closed, I have available, free, the drink mugs that were tagged with regular customers names. This Tuesday evening from 6-8 PM, they will be available to be picked up.

    Also, all of the two-sided hanging signs are for sale for only $20.00 each or make me an offer. There are many to see and remember how funny/cute they were, so pick your favorite.

    Please pass the word to all of the former regulars so a chance at nostalgia is not missed.

  15. Brad H. said

    I miss all the regular families that came on Tuesdays for Rocky Runts Night. Happily, if you miss the free Kid’s Meals and balloon fun with JesterMan (Me), you can find me and the free meals at the Rocky Run at Marley Station every Thursday evening, from 5:30 – 8:30.

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