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Isn’t This Special – Hurricanes and Democrats

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, August 31, 2008


13 Responses to “Isn’t This Special – Hurricanes and Democrats”

  1. Robert Freeman said

    When hurricane Katrina made her deadly attack on New Orleans, the Reverend Pat Robertson said that God was punishing the city for allowing an organization of sinful gay men and women hold a meeting in their city. Now that Hurricane Gustav is taking aim for the region, I wonder if God has told Reverend Robertson that he -God-is punishing the region for allowing a group of sinful Republicans to meet in the area? Is God about to smite the ungodly and wicked Republicans? It’s about time Lord. Why have you made us wait so long? Just a thought.

  2. Freeman, I hope this isn’t your way of justifying this kind of speech. I don’t condone Ward Churchill’s commentary on Sept 11, or Pat Robertson’s commentary on Katrina, etc.

    Two wrongs go not make a right. Three wrongs don’t make a right.

    You defend the wrong headed commentary of a jerk with the wrong headed commentary of another jerk. Does that make you a jerk?

    What is wrong is wrong. Period.

  3. cindy vaillancourt said

    I’m a little confused about how this conversation came to be taped. Was some person sitting behind them not only eavesdropping but secretly recording this private conversation? How nice.

    Honestly, I believe this is a case where posting the video and assisting in the distribution of this unseemly invasion of privacy with modern electronics by people with very poor manners does not elevate public discourse.

    I am reminded of the notion that we should “be the change you want to see”.

    Cindy V

  4. Cindy,

    I can promise you that I did not tape those comments.

    I don’t take God lightly nor would I ever presume to interpret his actions or joke about them – especially when the health and safety of others are involved. That is the change I want to see.

  5. pzguru said

    Mr. Freeman – the Republicans are not meeting in New Orleans, so I don’t follow your logic (or lack thereof).

  6. pzguru said

    I think this video is very telling about the leaders in the Democratic party. To think that they would celebrate a hurricane damaging or destroying a city in an effort to make political hay out of it is SICKENING! Even the mainstream media were practically giddy at the thought of the hurricane striking New Orleans. But this is s.o.p. for the Democratic Party (not registered democratic voters – but their party leaders). They celebrate the difficult war in Iraq. They celebrate the tough economic times. They celebrate the mortgage crisis. All so they can blame it on Republicans and use it to score votes in the next election. It’s a total disgrace to think that a group of Americans would wish economic or physical disaster upon other Americans is so unconscionable and downright evil that I can hardly believe it. How they get away with their dispicable behavior is beyond me. I consider this to be very unpatriotic and very un-American behavior, to say the least.

    CINDY – I frankly don’t see how the means by which the tape was recorded or obtained means anything. I’m glad it was taped for the more important reason that the citizens of this Country have a right to know what these Democrats are truly about. And this video makes it painfully clear that they act one way in public and another much more sinister and conniving way behind closed doors. I guess this is the “change” that Obama, and Pelosi, and Reid, et. al. are promising to bring to every corner of America.

  7. General Zod said

    Yesterdays display of the Republicans acting as if they cared was shameful on their part. Three years later we still have states and communities ravaged by the damage caused by the hurricanes of 2005. Even Rush Limbaugh has made jokes about the people in New Orleans. The Republicans are shameful party and yesterdays display will not erase the past 3 years where they failed to aid those most in need.

  8. pzguru said

    GZ – so the Mayor of New Orleans and the Governor of Louisiana, both of whom were democrats, when Katrina hit, get no blame for the Katrina fiasco? That’s interesting. Isn’t the federal government only supposed to support the local governments? Isn’t the MAIN responsibility on the local governments? Weren’t there hundreds of buses in New Orleans during Katrina that were submerged under water because the corrupt and racist democratic Mayor did nothing to implement those buses to evacuate people BEFORE Katrina hit? How is that Bush’s fault? Didn’t those people stuck in New Orleans CHOOSE on their own to stay in the City even after they were warned to evacuate? It’s not like Katrina struck unexpectedly like an earthquake does. What about the question as to why the City of New Orleans wasted BILLIONS of dollars over the last 20 years on pork projects instead of shoring up the levees as they were supposed to? Those City officials knew for years before Katrina that the levees were weak, but they did nothing about it. Oh, except blame Bush and the Army Corps of Engineers. Part of the reason why the City is not rebuilt is because (1) the entire City is basically a floodplain and probably should never have been built in the first place, (2) the City Planners and Officials are trying to figure out how/where to rebuild to minimize future flooding catastrophes, (3) many former residents have not returned so the City can’t just take their properties away from them (unless you advocate government takings). Why is it that this time around, with a Republican governor in charge, things turned out so differently? Hmmmm.

    GZ – you come off as a person who has no interest in viewing things objectively as your biases against Bush and Republicans are very obvious.

  9. cindy vaillancourt said

    I find the idea that any private conversation can be recorded and released publicly at any time to be problematic.

    I’m also not crazy about the “government” intruding in this way on my private conversations….even those that take place in reasonably public places.

    Sure, public figures ought to be aware of this possibility and act accordingly. And sure, tasteless attempts at humor (even if it is an extension to what was offered in all seriousness by the oaf who made the original comments) are still tasteless.

    However, for those running around eavesdropping, recording and broadcasting private conversations the charge of tastelessness is dripping with hypocrisy.

    we each choose whether to rise above it or wallow in it.

    cindy v

  10. Cindy,

    We will certainly have to chalk this up a disagreement.

    In my opinion there is no such thing as privacy in public places. Whether it is a conversation, running a stop light, speeding in a school zone, driving while intoxicated, court proceedings, defining the word is, etc. This isn’t some new found religion. I have had this discussion off line many times before.

    Years before such technological advances this was a topic of much discussion. To me it is the same thing – over heard in a bar by two or more people and repeated ie “Me and Martin O’Malley” or on a video camera.

  11. cindy vaillancourt said

    note how david was able to calmly and politely express a different point of view without being ugly. i appreciate that level of discussion very much.

    with the kids off to school and the election season heating up perhaps we can have some substantive discussions of differing points of view on local politics (as the saying goes “all politics is local” this might include national elections)

    cindy v

  12. timactual said

    A private conversation on an airplane, two feet from someone else’s ears? Please. Next you will tell us that nobody sees you picking your nose as you drive down the street in the privacy of your own car.

  13. cindy vaillancourt said

    I can’t really hear what they were saying on the tape, but my comment is not about the substance (which seems to be just about as stupid and inane as robertson’s original comment).

    I just think it is terribly rude to eavesdrop on other peoples conversations whether on an airplane or in a restaurant or wherever. I’m not saying it should be illegal. I am saying that it is not a high point in civility. It is creepy and unseemly.

    My experience on airplanes is that unless the people in the next row are talking very loudly,you have to make a real effort to “overhear” what they are saying. A little less like an overheard conversation in a bar. I think it is the active effort in this case that pushes it over the creepy line for me.

    If someone sees you picking your nose in your car, snaps a picture of it and posts it to the internet are you content to say you are perfectly comfortable with that? yuck.

    As for this stupid conversation and adolescent attempt at humor – congratulations on the “gotcha” moment. Since neither party is exempt from these lapses I am content to call it a draw and move beyond “gotcha” politics.

    cindy v

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