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Too short to vote?

Posted by Ed C on Sunday, September 21, 2008

Well, if you need to be “this” tall to vote, the proprietor of the hedgehog report may just be out of luck this November.

Another fine weekend for sign planting.  Now if I could just figure out the key / ignition thingy; that cat will not stand a chance.


2 Responses to “Too short to vote?”

  1. JW said

    Hey have you heard about question two on the November 4th ballot it os a proposed amendment that will raise money for Maryland schools by placing slot machines in five areas? I support this iniative and I am seeking folks to help me put up yard signs. They say “No new taxes, stronger schools”

  2. wake up call said

    If you think that O’Malley is going to put slots money into the schools you are delusional. Even if he writes it into the bill that so many $$$ must be spent on education, he will simply reduce the previous education budget by the same amount to comply with the legislation.

    Will he require that all counties get an equal share of the money and guarantee no reductions in the current education budget? I’ll support that bill. I’ll even help you put up the signs.

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