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Hockey made simple – pass it to this guy.

Posted by Ed C on Saturday, October 4, 2008

Well, the Washington Capitals are 5-1 in the preseason with one more preseason game on Sunday and then the season starts on Friday, Oct 10th.  When you see the 2008 Hart (most valuable player), the Lester B. Pearson (outstanding player voted by his peers) and the Maurice “Rocket” Richard (most goals) trophies standing open like this:

Ovechkin waiting for a puck

Ovechkin waiting for a puck

Hockey is pretty simple; Pass him the puck.  And you get this:

Ovechkin shoots

Ovechkin shoots

and this:

Ovechkin shot (2)

Ovechkin shot (2)

Another way to score is to park yourself in front of your opponents goal.  Of course, the other team is likely to take a dim view of this.

Brooks Laich

Brooks Laich

But if you keep at it…

19 3rd period goal.

8:19 3rd period goal.

This is the first season that I’ve attended preseason games and I have been pleasantly surprised at the quality and level of the play.  The crowd maybe a little smaller, but the players don’t seem to be holding much back.  Before I saw my first preseason game I figured that I’d see the players “on the bubble” going all out while the veterans held back for the regular season.  Well, for two games that I have seen, this has not been the case.  Sure the intensity may not the be the same as a game-seven playoff game, but I’ve also seen regular season games that were played with less excitement.

About the photos:  These photos were taken with a Nikon Coolpix P80 that I purchased for my trip to St. Paul.  Originally I was going to get a small point and shoot that would be easy to carry around in a pocket, but I decided on the Coolpix P80 because of its better zoom (18x) and lower light level capabilities over the smaller models and I’ve been glad that I did.  Although a little larger, it is not as big or heavy as a full sized SLR and is not much problem to carry. I have been quite pleased with the long distance, indoor shots that I’ve taken at St. Paul and now at the Verizon Center.

My seat is on the lower level, section 112 on the “away team” blue line; for the first and third periods the away team is shooting at the goal closest to me (see the Caps schedule for 2/22/09 and 3/08/09 games if you really want to know where my loyalties are and why I choose this end)  The Ovechkin shots were taken in the second period with the him shooting directly across from me.  The 3rd period shots were taken with the Caps shooting at my “far” net.


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