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Can you guess the source?

Posted by Ed C on Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Okay, here is the opening paragraph; can you guess the author and the document?

North Philly, May 4, 2001. Officer Sean Devlin, Narcotics Strike Force, was working the morning shift. Undercover surveillance. The neighborhood? Tough as a three dollar steak. Devlin knew. Five years on the beat, nine months with the Strike Force. He’d made fifteen, twenty drug busts in the neighborhood.

Devlin spotted him: a lone man on the corner. Another approached. Quick exchange of words. Cash handed over; small objects handed back. Each man then quickly on his own way. Devlin knew the guy wasn’t buying bus tokens. He radioed a description and Officer Stein picked up the buyer. Sure enough: three bags of crack in the guy’s pocket. Head downtown and book him. Just another day at the office.

Well, North Philly (and the date) would rule our Dashiell Hammet or Mickey Spillane.  Maybe the opening for an Edward Norton crime movie?

Actually, this was written by Chief Justice of the United States, John Roberts dissenting from the denial of certiorari in Pennsylvania v. Nathan Dunlap.

(h/t Weekly Standard Blog)


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