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Future NY Senator Gillibrand – Farsighted, Thoughtful?

Posted by Ed C on Friday, January 23, 2009

I don’t know anything about Kirsten Gillibrand, the reported pick of NY Governor David Patterson to fill Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat, but the Politico story by Glenn Thrush “Gillibrand conducted oppo research on self” has me scratching my head.

When an unknown corporate lawyer named Kirsten Gillibrand first ran for Congress three years ago, she commissioned a research study to identify her own personal and political vulnerabilities — lines of attack that might be pursued by wily Republican incumbent John Sweeney.

So let me get this straight, a politician researched what information the press and opponents would likely dig up during the campaign and what the likely lines of attack would be. This is rare? Actually the “rare” part maybe be that a politician’s self-commissioned report was just handed to a reporter.

I think Mr. Thrush could have just written “Look what was handed to us”, linked to the 40 page, 12,700 word report and been done with it. At that point, if he still had time on his hands or space to fill he could have started looking for information that may not have been included or has happened since, saving all of those electrons that were used to write the rest of the article.


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