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Explosive growth of money supply according to FRED(r)

Posted by Ed C on Saturday, January 24, 2009

Unfortunately, this is not from Steve Martin’s Fred’s Bank; its from the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED(r)) and the St Louis Federal Reserve Bank.


You can get to the chart and the data here.

Since August 2008, the Adjusted Monetary Base has just about doubled in less about four months (in billions of dollars).

2008-07-01   871.562
2008-08-01   870.978
2008-09-01   936.138
2008-10-01  1135.825
2008-11-01  1481.946
2008-12-01  1692.552

And this is before the second allotment of $350 billion in the TARP program was released last week.

What does it mean for the future?  I don’t know, but I suspect that we will be paying a heavy price for this in the years to come.

(from Peter Robinson at thr NRO corner, who got it from Andy Kessler)


2 Responses to “Explosive growth of money supply according to FRED(r)”

  1. Anonymous said

    TARP won’t affect the money supply.

  2. feller said

    why wont TARP affect the money supply?’

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