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Saving money by cutting the budget for logos?

Posted by Ed C on Sunday, April 19, 2009

Saturday I caught a portion of President Obama’s weekly radio address. For some reason, this line caught my ear:

Secretary Napolitano, for example, is ending consulting contracts to create new seals and logos that have cost the Department of Homeland Security $3 million since 2003.

In a speech that details going through the $3.45 trillion budget line by line, why specifically call out $3 million spent on logos? It just seemed odd. But I guess this administration knows its logos.  For example, according to USA Today, these logos only cost $1500 each.

DOT and logos.

Interesting enough, the Obama campaign logo and the logo were created by a Chicago firm under contract to by David Axelrod’s former firm, AKP&D.

No word on who designed or what what this logo cost.

Obama campaign seal

Saving $3 million is good thing as long as the Dept. of Homeland security does not turn around and issue a contract to AKP&D for the same services 😉


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