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Mark Sanford’s Excellent Argentinian Vacation

Posted by Ed C on Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Via Jim Geraghty at the NRO’s Campaign Spot.

What I Did on My Argentine Vacation

If Mark Sanford shows up at his press conference today with some long-lost elderly Nazi in handcuffs, all is forgiven.

He also might be all right if he reaches into his satchel and holds up the Golden Idol of Fertility.

Unfortunately it seems that he was up to something like this:


Hopefully he also got a sail boat and a pair of crocodile boots; his political career is over.

(I realize the  original was set in Columbia, but this one is the first South American romance film that popped into my head.)

One Response to “Mark Sanford’s Excellent Argentinian Vacation”

  1. couchnap said

    I don’t really agree with your politics but I have to respect a well-placed “Romancing the Stone” reference.

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