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Heathcare debate – deja vu all over again?

Posted by Ed C on Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Over at the Corner at National Review they have been carrying on a discussion about the term “death panel” Palinism, and other elements of the heath care debate.

This passage caught my interest:

What drives me crazy about liberal complaints about conservative tactics these days is how selective they are. Obama, Barney Frank, Jacob Hacker, and others have said that they want these reforms — specifically the public option — to lead to single payer. But when conservatives take them at their word, suddenly it’s outrageous misinformation and “fishy” stuff. When the wind is at their backs, liberals look way off to the horizon, like Obama at a podium, dreaming of a future of European-style statism. But when conservatives use this to their advantage, suddenly it is outrageous to even consider the possibility of a road to hell being paved with good intentions. Suddenly liberals bleat that it is scare-mongering to look beyond what they are proposing in this exact moment, outrageous to ask “Where will this lead?” I agree entirely with Andy that conservatives are under no obligation to unilaterally agree to liberal terms or definitions but rather, as he puts it, “Our function is to call the opposition on such hair-splitting nonsense, not to make the fog harder to pierce.”

As the debate continues this summer it may help us to look back and consider the way that our seat beat laws were enacted.   Remember when it was just going to be a “secondary” offense, something that you would not be pulled over for to the situation today.  Now it is a primary offense and we have the national “click it or ticket” campaigns.   Wearing a seat belt is common sense and a “good thing”, I just bristle at the tactics and the way the legislation was incrementally  turned into the very thing that proponents originally said was beyond the pale and was just a “scare tactic” for anyone to suggest otherwise.  Seems like deja vu all over again.

One Response to “Heathcare debate – deja vu all over again?”

  1. cindy vaillancourt said

    neither “side” has a monopoly on the “achieve the goal in incremental steps…all the while denying the end game can happen” playbook.

    I think it is reasonable to be anticipating the likelihood that any change can and will be built on toward a long term goal.

    This is also true of reproductive rights limitation efforts, fire arms restriction efforts, taser use, as well as the seat belt issue mentioned in the post and health care reform.

    Vigilance is a good thing. Although I have to think throwing all that effort behind productive molding instead of simple obstructionism would be a better plan.

    cindy v

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