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The road to hell…

Posted by Ed C on Sunday, September 13, 2009

A sign from the 9/12 protest “The road to hell is a shovel ready project” (from Jordan Gehrke, via the corner)

And from Mollie Hemingway, National Care is like a hospital gown… You think your covered but you’re not. (picture here)


One Response to “The road to hell…”

  1. Vick said

    Hope all is well. Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m Vick of Illusions by Vick.

    Wanted to share the following and perhaps you can share it with your readers. The B & O Railroad Station Museum in Ellicott City has a Victorian Fun Fair every fall. It’s a wonderful event, a good time for the entire family with something for everyone. More details are below

    Among the other entertainments and activities local magician Illusions by Vick performed his brand of unique, thought provoking and enchanting magical entertainment for the Victorian Fun Fair last year and will be returning this year for 4 more shows!

    The Victorian Fun Fair is a great time for all. Ellicott City is truly beautiful in the fall and every reason to enjoy a fine fall day is well worth considering.

    B & O Railroad Station Museum in Ellicott City, Maryland
    Victorian Fun Fair
    Saturday October 17 & Sunday 18, 2009
    11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

    Step back in time as the B & O Railroad Station Museum celebrates their Victorian Fun Fair.
    For kids of every age! Explore Victorian home entertainment: toys, conundrums, parlor games, & crafts. Have fun the old fashioned way with a variety of activities and maybe even learn a little about life in the middle of the 19th century.

    Event entertainment will include the Unique, Thought Provoking and Enchanting Magical Entertainment of Illusions by Vick
    Magical performances commence at 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm both Saturday October 17 & Sunday 18, 2009 and the show runs approximately 1 hour. The Illusions by Vick show is not a “children’s” show but is crafted for all ages to enjoy so bring the entire family and settle in for a world where nothing is impossible and the seemingly ordinary can become incredible.

    A great time awaits for one and all! We look forward to seeing you there

    For more information about the B & O Railroad Station Museum and or the Victorian Fun Fair Mr. Travis Henry is the site manager for the B & O Railroad Station Museum and may be able to assist.

    Illusions by Vick will be glad to answer questions about magic and or illusions both of the 1830 to 1950 period when the Ellicott Mills B & O Railroad Station was in service or other questions regarding the art and craft of magic.

    Thanks you for your consideration. Please be well.

    Best wishes,

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