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MacFarlane for Register of Wills but Where?

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, September 6, 2010

Raising money for a political campaign ain’t easy and it aint fun.  But it is a necessary function if one intends to win the office that one is running for.  To that end I thought I would review the fundraising results of Byron MacFarlane’s campaign for Register of Wills.

Frankly, I am just curious to learn how strong support for Mr. MacFarlane’s campaign is in Howard County and where it might be coming from.  Here is the breakdown:

27.5% of his support comes from organizations (not individuals).  The largest contribution(s) came from an organization based in Baltimore City (MacFarlane Yost, LLC).

8% of his support from individuals comes from out of state

42% of his support comes from the county (54% of that from Columbia).

In short, the vast majority of support for Mr. MacFarlane’s campaign comes from other than Howard County which really raises the question.  Who is supporting him and why?  If he can’t raise his money from Howard County who is he serving?

Total Contributions  $  13,472.16 Percent of all % HoCo
Individual  $    9,756.05 72.4%  
Organization  $    3,716.11 27.6%  
Out of State   $    1,850.08 13.7%  
Maryland  $  11,622.08 86.3%  
Non Howard County  $    9,170.15 68.1%  
Baltimore  $    4,121.91 30.6%  
Howard County  $    4,302.01 31.9%  
  Clarksville  $        170.00 1.3% 4%
  Columbia  $    2,318.29 17.2% 54%
  Dayton  $          50.00 0.4% 1%
  Elkridge  $          48.25 0.4% 1%
  Ellicott City  $        663.97 4.9% 15%
  Glenelg  $          50.00 0.4% 1%
  Glenwood  $          25.00 0.2% 1%
  West Friendship  $          25.00 0.2% 1%
  Woodbine  $          25.00 0.2% 1%
  Woodstock  $        926.50 6.9% 22%
Number of Contributions 138    
Contributions from HoCo 58 42.0%  
Contributions other 80 58.0%  

2 Responses to “MacFarlane for Register of Wills but Where?”

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