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Who is Jack Dawkins?

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, September 6, 2010

I hope Mr. Dawkins doesn’t mind me using his name or refering readers of this blog to his comments in reference to Mr. MacFarlane’s announcement that Mr. MacFarlane will be running for the Register of Wills.

Mr. Dawkins replied to Mr. MacFarlane’s announcement as follows:

I am an attorney and I practice estates and trusts law. We handle dozens of probate administration cases each year in Howard, Montgomery, and Anne Arundel County, as well as DC and Virginia. I am a life-long indepedent voter, but I almost always vote for a democrat in elections. Howard County has the best Register of Wills office around – PERIOD. I’ll be doing everything I can between now and this election to make sure people know what a great job Kay Hartleb does in this office.

Thank you Mr. Dawkins for such a ringing endorsement. Coming from one who works frequently with Kay Hartleb’s office (and many other Registers at that) this is a most welcome testiment. One may refer to other such testimonials on Kay Hartleb’s web site


One Response to “Who is Jack Dawkins?”

  1. Jim Walsh said

    I second Mr. Dawkins’ observations about the job Kay Hartleb is doing. I practice estates and trusts law in numerous jurisdictions throughout Maryland. I’ve been admitted to the Maryland Bar since 1983, and have been practicing in Howard County since 1995. Howard County has by far the most efficient, knowledgeable and courteous Register of Wills’ office of any jurisdiction. On the other hand, (1) before he filed to run for Register of Wills I had never heard of Byron MacFarlane, and (2) based upon his published comments, I seriously doubt that Mr. MacFarlane knows what he’s talking about.

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