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While you’re here! Help us win a free green roof.

Posted by David Keelan on Friday, December 3, 2010

St. Paul’s Catholic Church

Non-Profit Overview

St. Paul’s Catholic Church was built in 1838 on a hill overlooking historic Ellicott City. We have stood on that perch proudly loving, praying for, and serving the community for over 170 years. We are not tired nor are we old, we are ever new and full of the same energy and zeal of our glorious patron St. Paul. Some may look at us as a museum or an old relic with rich history, but nothing could be further from the truth. We have grown in the past and have taken over the use of old banks and convents, which we still cram with ministries to kids, elderly, homeless, sick, young adults, those hungry for food and/or knowledge, saints in the making, and everyone else. We are going to build a New Evangelization Center. It will speak to the community that while our mission of loving, praying, and serving all people has not changed we are striving to meet the needs of today. Needs that require us to move forward in technology and needs that call us to responsible stewardship of the environment. The profile of who we are as a non-profit is wrapped up and made tangible and real by our New Evangelization Center. We are active and alive. We go out into the community to love, pray, and serve in an effective way. A way that responds to the most important concerns and needs of the modern world, which we believe is summed up in giving people hope for the future. Essential to giving the world hope for the future is caring for the environment. Without first being good stewards of the Earth our message of hope cannot be heard. That is why from the roof on down our New Evangelization Center can be seen as the manifestation of who we are – a living, growing, hopeful, caring, praying, active, serving, and loving Church.


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