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Byron Macfarlane should resign and concede the election!

Posted by David Keelan on Saturday, October 20, 2018

In my previous post I discussed an incident where in elected official gave his secure key card pass for entrance into the Howard County Courthouse to group of people. This group then used the secure key card to enter the courthouse after courthouse hours – without the company of this elected official.

It is simply outrageous that a person elected by the people into a position of trust would show disregard for or ignorance of the safety and security of our own courthouse, those that work there, the citizens that have business with the court, and where he works. This person on this act alone should speak up and do the right thing – retire from politics! Now!

I heard rumors of who this selected official might be and made polite but pointed inquiries of him, but as of now I have not received a reply. He should speak up now because this story is getting bigger, and he must have hoped it would not come up in public before the election. It has come forward!

So, it seems to be confirmed that the elected official in question is the Register of Wills (row) of Howard County, Byron Macfarlane, and who’s office is in the courthouse. Mr. Macfarlane is running for re-election this year! I hope he has sense not to and promptly resigns the office.

Since learning about this ignorant act I looked him up on the internet and found this article on

Mr. Macfarlane may want to put his time and effort where it is needed most – HIMSELF.


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Howard County Courthouse Security Breach

Posted by David Keelan on Saturday, October 20, 2018

It has been reported that on September 30, a deputy from the Howard County Sheriff’s Office found a group of people at the Howard County Courthouse. They apparently entered the building using an access card that was given to them by an elected official. Can you believe that this “official” was not present?! Do you get that? An elected official gave his pass to a group of people to enter the courthouse after hours AND WAS NOT WITH THEM. UNESCORTED!

I am told, nothing inside the courthouse seems to be disturbed, and the group’s presence was limited to the lobby and this elected official’s office. Thankfully.

What might have happened if the deputy had not discovered their presence? Imagine the reams of sensitive documents that could have been exposed? I do not think anyone would want their personal legal matters exposed to the public. What if this group (whoever they are) has sinister purposes – unaccompanied they could have stashed weapons, or physically compromised security systems, or most anything….

What an incredible lack of judgement! And this person is an elected official? I hope they are not after this election.

If they are willing to sacrifice the security of a courthouse are they capable of serving in an office that must do most of it’s business in the courthouse? The Baltimore Sun Howard County Republican Club Howard County Democratic Party Howard County Times Howard County Republicans

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Update: I was informed that this group of trespassers was a film crew. Alarming since recording equipment is not allowed in the courthouse except by permission of the Administrative Judge.

A report must have been filed on this matter.

Security procedure for the court house state; “The Howard County Government issued identification card is utilized as the Circuit Courthouse Employee Identification Card. A laminated photograph identification card shall be issued by the Sheriff’s Office to those employees in the Circuit Court who are not issued a County ID (i.e., Clerk’s Office, Register of Wills, and Law Clerk interns who will be working in the Courthouse).”

Well, interns are not elected officials. So, was the elected official the Clerk of the Courts, or Register of Wills, a judge, the states attorney… What other elected official has a security badge for courthouse access? Will we ever know which elected official betrayed trust, and risked the security of the courthouse?

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