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Deflection and Politics and false victims

Posted by David Keelan on Sunday, October 21, 2018

If you’re reading this then you are aware of the recent issues regarding Howard Counties current register of Wills, Mr. Byron Macfarlane.

I have asked the candidate to comment on the incident in which he gave his secure access card to a group of people who used it to enter the courthouse after courthouse hours without him as an escort. This is an incredible breach of judgment, responsibility, and common sense.

Rather than respond in a meaningful way Mr. Macfarlane is acting the victim. He is acting as if his poor judgement has no consequences. He does not address the issue at all. He does not explain his behavior. Instead he paints those bringing to light his pattern of poor judgement (the courthouse security breach only being the latest) as liars.

The real victims are those people that work at the courthouse, those that have business there, and the deputy sheriffs who proved for our security there. The victim is not the one who’s poor judgement put these people’s safety and well being at risk. Incredible. Is this the definition of narcissism?

I hope the media sees Mr. Macfarlane’s only response to date to this issue as I do. Deflection, victimhood, unaccountability, narcissistic, ignorant of the safety of others, and completely void of facts regarding the incident at the courthouse.

Mr. Macfarlane, voters, supporters, and the loyal opposition deserve a full accounting of these reports. we want to vote our values. However, deflecting your actions and decisions by depicting those bringing to light your decisions as liars only makes one wonder why you won’t address the issues raised, but rather choose to attack.

Are you denying these reports or do you have an explanation that you would like to share?

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