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Posted by David Keelan on Saturday, October 27, 2018

Prove it Governor O’Malley!  Wow. Innuendo.

But when the Howard County sheriff’s office corroborates the incredibly intentional and stupid actions of Howard County Register of Wills, Byron Macfarlane,  the Sun does not print a word of it.  Macfarlane endangers the lives of Maryland citizens and not one word in the Baltimore Sun when many reporters and editors at the Sun are aware of Macfarlane’s reckless behavior.

Gov. Hogan iis transparent in his personal dealings because he knows he must be and he is an ethical person.  But, hey tear him down in the name of politics.  Who cares if he is a good servant – he is a republican.

Byron Macfarlane – shhhh.  Sweep it under the rug.  Wait until after the election when it is too late.  After all he is one of us – a Democrat.

Gov. Hogan – holy cow.  Let’s make him look criminal, unethical, and win this election.

Hypocrisy to the millionth degree.


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