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David Keelan:  I am the founder and administrator of the Howard County Maryland Blog.  I consider myself a moderate Republican. Active in the party. I am a past President of the Howard County Republican Club, work with the Howard County Republican Central Committee, and a number of candidates for public office.

Professionally, I have been in telecommunications for over 20 years.  My role has been mostly sales, and sales management including a role as acting director of a 70 person organization.  I took a special assignment working on M&A issues, and currently work in a product marketing capacity.

I am married with two children and live in Ellicott City, Maryland.

My resume

Try this newspaper article if you would like to learn more about me.


David W. Keelan

david (a)


Jim Walsh: I was born a political junkie in Sharon, PA on Election Eve 1956, and turned 18 – and voted – on Election Day 1974.

I was raised along the state line in Masury, OH, and came to MD in 1983; now a lawyer in private practice (estates and trusts) in Columbia.

Married, two kids (girls), two dogs and two cats. We live in the woods of wild wonderful western Howard County.


edc.jpgEd C:
I was born and raised near Pittsburgh, PA.  I moved to Maryland in 1985 and to Howard County in 1991. I have lived in Long Reach since 1994.

I blame David Wissing of the Hedgehog Report fame for introducing me the Howard County Republican Club.  During the run up to the 2004 elections I came across Dave’s frequent poll updates and discovered the Republican Club in the process.

The 2006 Election was a great experience.  I enjoyed working with the candidates and all of the hard working, dedicated people that are committed to improving Howard County, Maryland and our country.  From the County Fair, to the parades, installing (and removing) signs, and all of the other activities I’ve been able to participate in have taken me throughout the county and showed me what a wonder this county and its people are.  I’m looking forward to future elections as we continue to move Howard County forward.

edc (-at-) comcast (-dot-) net


BSFLAG2007 – Cindy Vaillancourt: My family and I moved to HoCo in 2000.  We have also lived in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio and briefly in California.  I am currently politically homeless as I cannot identify with the current Republican or Democratic parties.  I am most accurately described as fiercely independent with a definite liberal bent and conservative sensibilities.  I am only interested in politics as it effects education and human/civil rights.  We have two children, a 16 year old and a twelve year old, and two dogs.


Harold Bernadzikowski.  I was born in Baltimore, lived in Bowie, MD, until I was 3, and then moved to Severna Park where I remained until after college.  I then lived in Annapolis, MD (a great place to live), then Elkridge, then West Friendship, and now currently reside in Sykesville, MD, just into Carroll County. 

I attended the University of Maryland (there’s only 1, and it’s in College Park), where I earned a degree in Urban Studies and Planning, with a concentration in Architecture.  After college, I worked for a short time as a surveyor/draftsmen, then spent 3 years as the Associate Planner for the City of Laurel.  I moved on the Howard County Department of Planning and Zoning, where I spent 7 years as a Planner, the last 3 years as a Planning Supervisor.  Two years ago, I left government work and incorporated myself as an independent contractor doing zoning consultation work.  I now work as a project manager for a development company, doing mostly commercial office and flex buildings.

Although I don’t live in Howard County, I work there, and I’ve spent my entire life around or in Howard County, so I feel that qualifies me as a “local”.  

I am married and have to children, and two cats to round out the family.  I do love dogs, and our next pet will be a dog.  Cats are just less maintenance.   

Anyway, that’s enough about me for now.  I want to thank David for inviting me to participate on his blog, and I hope I bring interesting topics and perspectives to the table. 


2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Chris Feldwick said

    I was wondering if I could get listed under “candidates I support” I see all of my friends are on the list.. email if you want to tal – Chris

  2. Stephen P. Mackin, Jr. said

    Just checking in…

    Nice job on your resume. The at times daily commute to Herndon continues to be “interesting,” but the work has been great.

    Good luck to you and your team on Tuesday!!


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