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David Keelan:  I am the founder and administrator of the Howard County Maryland Blog.  I consider myself a political moderate.

Previously, I was active in supporting political candidates.

This blog was originally about local Howard County politics, Maryland politics, and various other community issues.She

I am restarting this site to discuss and share my passion for a Convention of States. Knowing many will agree and disagree with the concept I hope you read this with a critical eye. Perhaps you will agree, perhaps you will share your own thoughts, maybe you are reading this for oppositional research. It does not matter just as long as we are discussing this important topic.

David W. Keelan

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2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Chris Feldwick said

    I was wondering if I could get listed under “candidates I support” I see all of my friends are on the list.. email if you want to tal – Chris

  2. Stephen P. Mackin, Jr. said

    Just checking in…

    Nice job on your resume. The at times daily commute to Herndon continues to be “interesting,” but the work has been great.

    Good luck to you and your team on Tuesday!!


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