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Below are the responses from candidates for State Senate, State Legislature, County Executive, County Council, and Board of Education. Those candidates that did not respond are not listed below.All responses are unedited other than minor formatting of the text in order to be incorporated in the template.

Over the next month leading up to the General Election, the four bloggers, Dave Wissing, David Keelan, Evan Coren and Ian Kennedy will be provided commentary for questions of their choosing. At each respective site, readers are encouraged to also comment on the candidate’s responses. The four sites can be found at:

County Executive

Chris MerdonRepublican
Steve WallisIndependent

County Council

Tony SalazarRepublican – District 1
Gina EllrichRepublican – District 2
Jen TerrasaDemocrat – District 3
Donna ThewesRepublican – District 3
Tom D’AstoRepublican – District 4
Don DunnDemocrat – District 5
Greg FoxRepublican – District 5

State Senate

Rick CorkranDemocrat – District 9
Allan KittlemanRepublican – District 9
Ed KasemeyerDemocrat – District 12
Sandy SchraderRepublican – District 13

State Delegate

Gail BatesRepublican – District 9A
Warren MillerRepublican – District 9A
David OsmudsonDemocrat – District 9A
Elizabeth BoboDemocrat – District 12B
Rick BowersRepublican – District 13
Mary Beth TungRepublican – District 13

Board of Education

Allen Dyer
Sandra French
Joshua Kaufman
Roger Lerner
Di Zou


10 Responses to “Blogger Forum”

  1. Freemarket said

    Why do none of these links work? Is there an archive of the responses anywhere?

  2. They were on David Wissing’s web server. He may have taken them down.

  3. Dave said

    I did move them all to …. etc….

    Just add /hocoforum/ between the url and the file name

  4. Freemarket said

    Cool, thanks.

  5. Dave said

    No problem. I didn’t realize David still had links to them….

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  7. dead_drederS said

    Priveet!! Medveed!!!

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  9. Elaine said

    At Atholton High School
    What do you do when the bullies are teachers and administrators?
    Ms. Leonard, The principal at Atholton High School condones the actions of Mr. Fritz, Assistant Principal, Ms. Coates, Spanish 4A Teacher, and Ms. Wunderlich, Biology G/T Teacher:
    Racial discrimination, harassment and intimidation, denial of student and parent civil rights, discrepancy of grades, and dishonesty.
    The board of education is aware of the problems listed above. Mr. Bruzga, Dave, The Director of Atholton High School was informed on 10/29/09 and like Ms. Leonard, he too condones the actions of the teachers and administrator mentioned above.
    Ms. Coates, Spanish 4A teacher allowed her white students to talk during a test. As soon as two black male students talked, she called the two students to another room leaving the remaining students unattended talking while taking the test. She did not inform the two black male students as to why she called them into another room. She asked one black student, “do you know why (name) getting a zero on his test”? The black student responds, “Because I said caminatas”. Ms. Coates informed one of the black student, he will be getting a zero and office referral and to the other black student, I don’t know what I’m going to do with you, because you already turned in your test. Later she lied on the black student’s referrals about what was said in that room and accused them of cheating. In a case such as this were 95% of her class is of white students, 4% black students and 1% hispanic student, we all know which race of students was doing the majority of the talking. Ms. Coates must give the white students a zero and assume that they were also cheating. But she did not; instead, she allow the white students to continue to talk while she was in the other room with the two black students and yet she did not accuse the white students of cheating nor did she give them a zero.
    09/21/2009 Ms. Coates admitted the black student statement are correct and that’s what was said on 09/16/2009 when she called the two black boys to that room. 09/17/2009 Ms. Coates pulled the two black students aside at different times and said to each student, “today is a new day, I’m going to let bygones be bygones, I’m the kind of person that moves on”.
    Ms. Wunderlich, Biology G/T teacher, fabricated the same black male student’s sports eligibility form, claiming that the student doesn’t turn in his homework, when on his progress report she stated, “This student has no missing work”. If Mr. Fritz had not ignored the first incident the second incident may not have occurred. Ms. Wunderlich chose to discard of the same black student’s 3 lab papers, and lied about doing so, resulting in an “E” for the student’s 2nd quarter grade. After the student and his mother confronted her many times stating that the student did; indeed, turned in all three labs she decided to steal another black student’s lab paper, erased his name, and put the black student in question name on the child’s paper that she stole to cover her deceptive actions.
    Mr. Fritz, Assistant Principal, failed to investigate all 3 incidents accordingly, he chose to deny the black student of his civil rights, forged a statement on the black student’s statement form without the student’s knowledge, added to Ms. Coates statement on the Disciplinary Referral Form, harassed and intimidated the black student. Mr. Fritz is incompetent under his job title and bias against the black students at Atholton High School. Both black male students were accused of the same allegations but received two different consequences. WHY?
    I stressed my concerns to Ms. Leonard, the principal at Atholton High School by certified letter and verbally concerning Mr. Fritz neglect to addressing the situations appropriately, harassment and intimidation, and racial discrimination, Ms. Wunderlich discrepancy of grades, dishonesty and theft, Ms. Coates racial discrimination, falsifying documents and dishonesty. Ms. Leonard falsified my son’s grade by giving him a C for the quarter to cover up Ms. Wunderlich inappropriate behavior. I presented evidence and Ms. Leonard refused to look at the evidence. Ms. Leonard did nothing.

    There should be equal disciplinary actions, and rights to all students attending public schools, but of course in Howard County Schools our black students mainly black male students are dealt with harsher disciplinary actions, and wrongfully treated mainly by white female teachers at Atholton High School. The principle and administrators choose to ignore what’s going on at Atholton High School with the black students.
    Our black students cannot, should not and will not tolerate racial discrimination, harassment and intimidation, denial of student civil rights, discrepancy of grades, and dishonesty of teachers and administrators in public schools in Howard County, Maryland.
    Please stand up, let’s come together, and let our voices be heard. Our black students have the same rights as the white students at Atholton High School, “to learn in a safe and nurturing school environment in which diversity and commonality are valued.”

  10. myron said

    A teenage sports star of Oakland Mills High school Terrance Drew is at the center of a Jena 6 like event. He was at the mall when a couple of his friends decided to assault someone he left the scene prior to the incident however police issued a warrant for his arrest. No indication or description was given by the victims but his home was raided after he turned himself in and was cleared of charges. Yes the day after he turned himself in and was not arrested or charged his door was kicked in by Howard county police. His Mother two younger brothers aged 15 and 6 sister age 3 and him had guns pointed in their faces. Were handcuffed treated like common criminals. Yet he was cleared the day before. The persons who had there items stolen was a cellphone. Yes a cellphone. So where is the need for a home raid, not a drug raid or weapons raid what judge sends armed police into Howard county Maryland citizens home for a cellphone. Did I mention he was cleared of any charges not arrested and cleared but turned himself in and cleared. What a travesty of justice while real criminals are on the loose in Howard county the police dept find teenagers of African descent to harrass.

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