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Updated sections Privacy Policy, Comments Policy, added Anonymous Comments, and Libelous and Defamatory Comments (January 3, 2007) 

This is my personal weblog. The content within it is exactly that – personal. The views and opinions expressed on the posts and the comments I make on this Blog represent my own and not those of people, institutions or organisations I am affiliated with unless stated explicitly. My Blog is not affiliated with, neither does it represent the views, position or attitudes of my employer their clients, or any of their affiliated companies.

My views of five years or five minutes ago do not necessarily reflect my views right now. My thoughts and opinions and viewpoints will change as I learn more and develop a better (or worse) understanding of the things I am writing about, if you catch me saying something stupid, or you say something smarter than me.   I have an open mind so I must suffer the consequences of changing my mind.  I reserve the right not to change my mind because I don’t agree or because I am stubborn.  I also reserve the right to allow my viewpoints to evolve and to change my thoughts viewpoints and opinions over time without any good reason.

It is not my intention to infringe upont any Trademark or Copyrighted material.

Anything I say here can be used against me at a later date.

Privacy Policy

All commentor contact information is regarded in the strictest privacy and is not lent, bought, sold or otherwise traded or passed to anybody. If you post a comment, the IP address of the posting computer is recorded and stored. They can be viewed by the general audience by clicking on the “Site Meter” icon.  IP addresses are usually, but not always, assigned per session.  You may not always be given the same IP address by your ISP everytime you use the internet – these are dynamic IP addresses.


Tracking of IP addresses is a common internet practice.  They are used to track the number of hits and views a site receives.  Additionally, it will track the number of different pages a vistor views and the length of time a visitor spends on the site.

The IP address only identifies the domain name of the service provider you are using to access the internet.  IP addresses reveal nothing about the individual user.

Depending upon ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) your ISPs IP address block will be presented or their domain name (i.e. may be presented.  If you are accessing the internet via your employer it is likely your employers domain name will be presented.

The IP address will also reveal the location of your ISP usually by the location of the internet server you are accessing, the date and the time that you are accessing.

Samples of what IP information is presented.

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I don’t know if sets cookies.  I do not.

Comments Policy

Comments are encouraged.  Differing view points are appreciated and wanted.  How else can you change my mind?   Any comments that contain profane, libelous, abusive, racist or offensive language will be deleted and reported to your mother. Comments which contain proprietary or confidential information, spam, off-topic, offensive, uncivil or otherwise inappropriate posts will also be deleted and reported to your grand mother. By posting a comment to my Blog you agree to the Comments Policy. If you do not agree with the Comments Policy please do not post comments to the Blog.

First rule.  If you came into my house and were rude to or lying about one of my guests I would ask you to stop or to leave.

Comments made here, other than my own, do not necessarily reflect my opinion or views.  They reflect your views.  I will not be held liable for your comments no matter how witty, smart, or idiotic.

Comment Escalations

Keep in mind that blogging is a way to encourage a free exchange of ideas and opinions.  It is not a boxing ring.

On occasion someone is bound to take offense with a comment that by other standards and measures is innocent.  On those occasions the offended party may retaliate with a comment of their own.  The original commenter may reply with a passionate defense of their original comment.  This is known as “Comment Escalation“. 

Commenters are encouraged to keep in mind that the written word is not perfect.  Given the format a commenter is not always able to fully or adequately express themselves.  As such a perceived offense is not necessarily intended to be offensive.  Save the vitriol for the real insults, acquire a thicker skin, and stay on topic.

Anonymous Comments

Anonymous, fictitious names, and handles are permitted.  Unless the commenter violates the libelous and defamatory statements policy they will remain anonymous.

The terms and conditions of the general comments policy apply. 

Please note the author’s concerns about anonymous posting.

“It is nearly impossible to debate with an anonymous commenter.  Only when knowing your debater is it possible to discuss the merits of somone’s claim.   Civil discourse, common courtesy, and basic integrity demand no less.”

Libelous and Defamatory Comments

Those who post libelous or defamatory comments should not assume that they will remain anonymous.  There are a lot of clever people who read this blog.  They may discover or guess your identity, as happened with “Mary Smith”.  They may call you out in a comment or the author may single you out in a post.  However, this is not normal policy and only applies to those who consistently post libelous and defamatory comments.

Commentors should be advised that if their comments can’t pass the red face test in the real world then they probably shouldn’t post those comments here.  This blog is not to be a hiding place for such attacks.  If you have your own web site (like Mary Smith does where she also uses her real name) then post those types of comments there – not here.

At times commentors remain anonymous because they have legitimate concerns about retribution or job security.  Other commenters should keep that in mind if they choose to identify another commentor.

Professional Non-Disclosure Policy

My employer(s) should be assured that, if I work for them, I will not be writing here about any work-related discussions within or outside work, good or bad relationships, proprietary information, or stories that would be detrimental to my employer. I adhere to the terms of confidentiality and non-disclosure and the highest professional expectations as agreed upon with my employer.

Election Years

Election Years shall also be known as open season.  Those seeking elected office and those supporting them should be wearing thick skin – ’tis the season.

Hair pulling, eye gouging, punching, spitting, kicking, and pinching will not be tolerated.  Whining is absolutely forbidden.

Picking arguments for a good reason is fair.  Crying about it is not fair.  Fight back if you can.  Pointing out the obvious is fair.  Documentation is always welcome and encouraged.  For example when showing that the Maryland State government has no record of Mr. Kenneth S. Ulman of ever holding the title “Director of the Board of Public Works” it might come in handy especially when the press/media come calling (The Baltimore Sun has this documentation).

Mr. Ulman’s predeccesor record: goddard.pdf

Mr. Ulman’s record: 1999-md-gov-office.pdf

Party Affiliation

All readers and commentors are welcome regardless of party affiliation. 

I myself am a registered Republican and have been since I was 18 years old.  I was raised in a conservative Irish Catholic home.  However, that seems to have had little effect on the majority of my siblings in that they are mostly liberal democrats – I still love them very much and pray nightly for their conversion and the future of their children :=)

I vote for conservative candidates regardless of party affiliation, have always done so, and always will.


As of Novermber 2006 we have three (3) new guest writers.  See About Us for details.

This Disclaimer has been backdated to May 2005.

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