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November 2010 Aftermath

Posted by David Keelan on Thursday, November 4, 2010

Well, it is over – election day. Nationally the GOP did very well. It will be an interesting 2 years. I hope the House, Senate, and White House figure it out.

Locally? Larry Carson put it best “Status Quo”.  Absentee ballots still need to be counted.  There may be a couple changes but it is doubtful. I agree with Larry that it will likely impact the Board of Election candidates more than anyone. 

Will it have an impact on the District 1 race? Probably not but I will watch.

As to the Register of Wills? I think it will go Kay Hartleb’s way. Why? Same situation four years ago. Kay was slightly ahead at the end of the election. When absentee ballots were counted she took a very large lead over her opponent. I don’t see why that would change four years later.

All night long Kay was trailing Byron McFarlane. I didn’t think much of it because the number of polls reporting was very low. I admit that I did worry a little. But when the board of elections posted their update at 11:43PM Kay was leading and the report at 4:48PM yesterday solidified it.

Reports from Democratic Headquarters were that Byron MacFarlane thought he had it in the bag (he may still win) and celebrated a bit too early. Darn modern technology.  (This comes from a conversation between the reporters covering poll watching parties at the democratic and republican spots).

I wanted to address a letter that appeared in the Ho Co Times suggesting that the lawyers who were writing letters or otherwise supporting Kay in this election were doing so to influence the office of the Register of Wills. Really? Really?  Here is what the letter said:

“The incumbent has received 100 percent of her campaign contributions in Maryland from lawyers and law firms. In contrast, Mr. Macfarlane has not taken a single penny from practicing estate lawyers in Howard County… candidates take contributions from the very people who will bring clients before them for supposedly impartial treatment.”

Influence what? What is that office going to do for a lawyer other than be effecient and as perfect in everyway as possible? What was that writer suggesting – that Kay Hartleb was going to triple the size of the clients estate?   The Register of Wills is an administrator.  They don’t rezone property.  Also, the writer states;

“She and her supporters have claimed that her opponent, Democratic attorney Byron Macfarlane, has never practiced estate law, even though a quick look into his record proves otherwise.”

The records states he hasn’t and he admitted it in a public forum.  He said; “I have never been the attorney or record but I helped my family.”  Yeah?

Seriously – does that writer have any idea about the office of the Register of Wills (doesn’t sound like he knows more than Byron MacFarlane).  The simple fact is MacFarlane remains unqualified for the position and the lawyers who support Kay don’t want Howard County’s Register’s office to get sloppy, inefficient, slow, error ridden, etc.  Not that the office under MacFarlane would be like that but during a transition period with staff turn over it would be until he could right that ship.  It is natural and the best manager can’t avoid it.  Those attorneys supporting Kay don’t have time to deal with a freshman Register of Wills and made it clear in their support of Kay.


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Absentee Ballot Requests – A Cautionary Tale

Posted by Jim Walsh on Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My college daughter, who is now 18 and eager to vote for the first time, registered to vote this summer and requested online an absentee ballot for the primary election. After never hearing back from the Board of Elections, she called and was told that the Board had no record of her request. By this time it was too late for her to request an absentee ballot. For the general election, we will be sure to download the absentee ballot application and I will hand-deliver it to the Board of Elections.

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Howard County Board of Education Primary Results (Unofficial)

Posted by Jim Walsh on Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Vote for four:
1. Sandra French 17461
2. Frank Aquino 17363
3. Larry Walker 10569
4. Brian Meshkin 9748
5. David Proudfoot 9707
6. Cindy Vaillancourt 9412
7. Robert Ballinger 8860
8. Leslie Kornreich 8006
9. David Gertler 6525
10. David Thalmeier 5678
11. Marcelino Bedolla 4724

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Howard County Republican Primary Results (Unofficial)

Posted by Jim Walsh on Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Senate 13 – Kyle Lorton 2853 / Jody Venkatesan 2010

House 13 (vote for 3) – Ed Priola 3518, Jeff Robinson 2778 and Loretta Gaffney 2509 / J’Neanne Theus 2022

Republican Central Committee (vote for 9)
1. Laura Kittleman 9061
2. David Bates 6944
3. Diane Butler 6424
4. Dave Myers 6144
5. David Wissing 5803
6. Loretta Shields 5646
7. Kathleen Newberry 5316
8. Janet Moye Cornick 4981
9. Karen Winterling 4836
(Only men named “David” are allowed on Central Committee.)
10. Betty Evans 4383
11. Joel Rosenberg 4121
12. Ellen Harrison 4004
13. Christopher Oxenham 3509
14. Edward (?) “Chick” Chickanis 3343

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Who is Jack Dawkins?

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, September 6, 2010

I hope Mr. Dawkins doesn’t mind me using his name or refering readers of this blog to his comments in reference to Mr. MacFarlane’s announcement that Mr. MacFarlane will be running for the Register of Wills.

Mr. Dawkins replied to Mr. MacFarlane’s announcement as follows:

I am an attorney and I practice estates and trusts law. We handle dozens of probate administration cases each year in Howard, Montgomery, and Anne Arundel County, as well as DC and Virginia. I am a life-long indepedent voter, but I almost always vote for a democrat in elections. Howard County has the best Register of Wills office around – PERIOD. I’ll be doing everything I can between now and this election to make sure people know what a great job Kay Hartleb does in this office.

Thank you Mr. Dawkins for such a ringing endorsement. Coming from one who works frequently with Kay Hartleb’s office (and many other Registers at that) this is a most welcome testiment. One may refer to other such testimonials on Kay Hartleb’s web site

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MacFarlane for Register of Wills but Where?

Posted by David Keelan on Monday, September 6, 2010

Raising money for a political campaign ain’t easy and it aint fun.  But it is a necessary function if one intends to win the office that one is running for.  To that end I thought I would review the fundraising results of Byron MacFarlane’s campaign for Register of Wills.

Frankly, I am just curious to learn how strong support for Mr. MacFarlane’s campaign is in Howard County and where it might be coming from.  Here is the breakdown:

27.5% of his support comes from organizations (not individuals).  The largest contribution(s) came from an organization based in Baltimore City (MacFarlane Yost, LLC).

8% of his support from individuals comes from out of state

42% of his support comes from the county (54% of that from Columbia).

In short, the vast majority of support for Mr. MacFarlane’s campaign comes from other than Howard County which really raises the question.  Who is supporting him and why?  If he can’t raise his money from Howard County who is he serving?

Total Contributions  $  13,472.16 Percent of all % HoCo
Individual  $    9,756.05 72.4%  
Organization  $    3,716.11 27.6%  
Out of State   $    1,850.08 13.7%  
Maryland  $  11,622.08 86.3%  
Non Howard County  $    9,170.15 68.1%  
Baltimore  $    4,121.91 30.6%  
Howard County  $    4,302.01 31.9%  
  Clarksville  $        170.00 1.3% 4%
  Columbia  $    2,318.29 17.2% 54%
  Dayton  $          50.00 0.4% 1%
  Elkridge  $          48.25 0.4% 1%
  Ellicott City  $        663.97 4.9% 15%
  Glenelg  $          50.00 0.4% 1%
  Glenwood  $          25.00 0.2% 1%
  West Friendship  $          25.00 0.2% 1%
  Woodbine  $          25.00 0.2% 1%
  Woodstock  $        926.50 6.9% 22%
Number of Contributions 138    
Contributions from HoCo 58 42.0%  
Contributions other 80 58.0%  

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An Open Message to the Beams and MacFarlane Campaigns

Posted by Jim Walsh on Monday, August 30, 2010

(From an e-mail sent to the Beams and MacFarlane campaigns)

As I drove to work in Columbia from western Howard County this morning (Mon., 8/30/10), I was disheartened to see that Mr. MacFarlane’s campaign has joined Dr. Beam’s in littering Homewood and Folly Quarter Roads with numerous illegally placed campaign signs. Last Monday (8/23) morning, I noticed that Dr. Beam’s campaign had placed 5 or 6 campaign signs next to stormwater management ponds and in other open spaces where there could not possibly have been any consenting homeowner. This morning, the litter was more than doubled with placement of Mr. MacFarlane’s signs in similar areas and in an even more obvious improper space, i.e., the interior of the traffic circle at Homewood Road – Folly Quarter Road – Sheppard Lane. With nine weeks left before the general election, I fear that more candidates will be emboldened to join you in trashing this corridor. I suspect that other areas that I do not regularly drive may also be suffering from overzealous misplacement of signs.

I understand that neither of you personally may have placed these signs, but their placements reflect negatively on your campaigns. Please advise your volunteers about placing signs only with property owners’ consents, and where signs are permitted. I ask you both to remove the offending signs and cease placing signs improperly.

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Columbia Rocky Run Memorabilia Sale on Tuesday?

Posted by Ed C on Monday, August 17, 2009

According to Jeff M in the comments on Columbia Rocky Run closes, it seems that they must be clearing the building out for the next tenants.

According to Jeff, you can stop by from 6 – 8 PM on Tuesday 8/11/09 and pick up items either free or at a nominal cost.

Its hard to believe that it has been a year already.

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Long Reach Village Board Elections – 2009

Posted by Ed C on Saturday, April 25, 2009

The votes for Long Reach Village Board and CA representative have been counted.  Final results:

Village Board:

Nina Basu: 402

William A Taylor: 369

CA Representative:

Russell Swatek: 301

James Howard: 164

There were votes received from 371 residents and 95 corporate votes.   The 95 corporate votes were added to the total votes of the winners for each contest.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks for voluntering.

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Credit Default Swaps behind GGP bankruptcy?

Posted by Ed C on Monday, April 20, 2009

Megan McArdle (Do We Hate Credit DefaulSwaps for The Wrong Reasons?) highlights a few financial articles that Credit Default Swaps (CDS) may be behind GGPs bankruptcy.

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